2023 Engaging Truth Conference Theme Announced: Out of the Dust

Engaging Truth Conferences are designed to ground students and adults in the timeless truth of God's Word and show how to apply it to everyday life.

We're excited to announce that our 2023 theme is "Out of the Dust" - a focus on the key question of our century: "What is Man?". Our culture has decimated God's good design for humanity. A recovery is desperately needed to understand what it means to be an image bearer of God. As He did with the first man, He's calling us Out of the Dust.

At each conference, we'll tackle the issues students, parents, and leaders are working through today:

  • Our value in being made in the image of God - Why is every life important?
  • Our role in being made in the image of God - What are we made for?
  • Our calling in being made in the image of God - What does He want from us?
  • Our challenge in being made in the image of God - Where is the culture dragging us back to the dust?

Each conference features engaging sessions, interactive breakouts, Christ-honoring worship, and Q&A time to dive deeper on the specific questions of each attendee. Engaging Truth Conferences will be held in at least four states in 2023 - don't miss your chance to attend!