Engaging Truth Conferences are designed to ground students and adults in the timeless truth of God's Word and show how to apply it to everyday life. Our 2023 theme is "Out of the Dust" - exploring the key question of "What is Man?". We'll focus on what it means to be image bearers of God "formed from the dust" who are called today to reflect Christ despite the "dust" of the culture.

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March 10, 2023

Covenant Academy in Macon, GA (Closed event)



March 24-25, 2023

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary / Leavell College

Who Should Attend: High School & College Students (Cost: $50)

Speakers: Jaime Dew, Erik Reed, Dean Inserra, Brandon Sutton, Nick Judd, Larry Davis

April 21-22, 2023

Bethlehem College & Seminary in Minneapolis, MN

Who Should Attend: High School Students (Cost: $50)

Speakers: John Piper, Joe Rigney, Erik Reed, Neil Shenvi, Abigail Dodds, Brandon Sutton, Larry Davis, Nick Judd

October 13-15, 2023

Ridgecrest Conference Center, NC

Who Should Attend: Middle School, High School, College Students / Young Adults

Speakers: Dean Inserra, Erik Reed, Matt Smethurst, Trevin Wax, Abigail Dodds, Joe Rigney, Neil Shenvi, Katie McCoy, Larry Davis, Nick Judd, Brandon Sutton