Get to Know Knowing Jesus Ministries

The soul’s deepest desire is to know and be loved by God, but there is so much confusion in today’s world about what is true and who God really is. In the church and outside of church, we are told what to believe and how to behave but given little guidance for what it looks like to have a real relationship with God.

Knowing Jesus Ministries helps you understand the Bible and discover who Jesus really is so you can experience the joy and contentment that comes from an authentic relationship with Him. Through resources, teaching, and spiritual practices that work for real life, we make theology understandable, provide a welcoming place to explore faith, and help break down complex topics so you can become confident in what you believe. Our hope is that you will build a faith that will carry you through life’s challenges as you experience the love, peace, and joy of God.

This is for you if:

  • You’ve tried to read the Bible and found yourself confused (hey, it’s not an easy book!).
  • You have honest doubts and questions and are tired of being met with cliché responses and judgmental stares.
  • You’ve fallen out of church...or maybe you’ve never been to church and are curious what this Jesus talk is all about.
  • You’re hungry to go deeper into your knowledge of the Bible, theology, and walking out the faith.
  • You’re looking for a sense of assurance in a chaotic world.
  • You’re going through a tough time and are looking for answers and help...something real.
  • You want a faith that can stand against the pressure of cultural conformity.

I’m Erik, and I know exactly how you feel because I’ve experienced those things at different stages of my life. I’ve been to seminary...and I’ve wrestled with hard questions about God and life. I’ve seen God show up in the darkest days of my life...and on other days, I’ve felt completely alone.

As someone in ministry, I had knowledge and Bible answers about trials and tribulations, but when my family experienced a surgical mistake on my son, I was forced to grapple with what the Bible taught about suffering and learn to depend on God in all new ways. The next 15 years would put those lessons to the test, especially when he passed away. Through this journey of hurt, worry, and so many questions, I discovered what it was like to truly trust God despite all we were going through. My relationship with Him was a solid foundation and a source of peace even in moments of great suffering.

I want everyone to know God in that way and to find the lasting joy and peace that He offers. And I believe each of us can because God has told us who He is in the Scriptures.

I’m passionate about what we do here at Knowing Jesus Ministries for several reasons. One, I know the most important thing for each person in this life is be reconciled to God and walk in relationship with Him. I believe everyone from all walks of life longs to read and understand what the Bible says for themselves.

Two, I know what it’s like to be on the receiving end of cliché answers and empty platitudes. I’ve had all the usual antidotes told to me and led a church filled with people who face challenges and afflictions. I want to help people successfully navigate the trials of life.

I want this to be a space where you can be unsure what you believe or not understand it all and still belong. Because I believe that it’s through wrestling with our ideas and beliefs about God that we arrive at the truth of who God really is as revealed through Scripture...a God who is worthy of our worship, love, and pursuit.


So, I invite you to explore our resources, which are filled with theology you can understand and spiritual practices you can do each and every day to deepen your relationship with God. You will find content from me and other teachers I trust and admire – content that empowers you to live out your faith knowing the real Jesus.

I am here to walk with you on this journey, alongside you in the trenches and where the rubber meets the road of faith and life.