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Issue #37: Fire Yourself and Then Figure Out What To Do

Feeding & Leading the Sheep

Leading in a church brings challenges. Pastors must settle disputes between members, field questions about direction, and make financial decisions that shape the church’s future. These challenges range in scope and severity, but they are real.

I talk to pastors regularly who feel stuck. They don’t know what to do. These numerous challenges feel paralyzing to them. Indecision keeps them from moving forward. Sometimes they struggle to make decisions because they are afraid of what one group in the church thinks. Other times they make decisions, not out of conviction, but because they want to please a certain group.

How can pastors sift through the layers of complexities in decision-making that they face and lead the church in a great way? That’s the subject of this week’s newsletter.

Fire Yourself

A simple thought experiment may be the best thing for your church.

Imagine your church fired you today. You are relieved of all the responsibilities and politics that can often exist in organizations. But then your church rehired you as a consultant. They asked you to come in, evaluate the church and its needs, and make recommendations for actions they need to take.

It is amazing the kind of clarity about what needs to happen this exercise can give you. It helps you see past things we often get bogged down with during the daily and weekly grind of ministry.

Do this thought experiment for your church.

1 Actionable Tip

Imagine you were being hired as a consultant for your church. Knowing everything you know,
what would you recommend for your church in moving forward? Take those actions!

This exercise frees you from all the internal things that often shape our decision-making. But if we were consultants, we could make decisions without the emotions and purely do what is best. Not only can you lead yourself in this manner, but you can help other staff members, elders, and volunteer leaders do the same.

It is amazing what things you may realize about your church once you remove yourself from the emotions and daily grind to evaluate it. You may need to add staff, remove a staff member, change the worship music, update the building, or any other number of things. The things that become clear to you need to be acted on. Anything you choose not to act on is not because it isn’t needed, but because of other factors you are letting cloud the decision. Leading well means overcoming that, with wisdom and discernment, and taking action on what we know needs to happen.

Opportunities for Students & College Kids

Are you helping the students and college-age kids in your church stand firm against the opposition coming at them in the culture? If you’re not actively equipping them on issues of gender and sexuality, you can be sure the culture is. We’re here to help.

Join us October 13-15 at Black Mountain, NC (at Ridgecrest Conference Center). An incredible line of speakers will be teaching students about who they are as image-bearers of God. These foundations will supply students with important understanding of their identity. Plan to bring your students. It’s going to be a fantastic conference.