Engaging Truth Conference 2023 at Ridgecrest


Our culture has decimated God's good design for humanity. A recovery is desperately needed to understand what it means to be an image bearer of God. As He did with the first man, He's calling us Out of the Dust.

Middle School / High School / College / Young Adults - Join us for a weekend conference as we explore who God made us to be, and how to answer the many voices seeking to redefine the nature of the pinnacle of God's creation.



We'll tackle many of the issues students struggle with today:

  • Our value in being made in the image of God - Why is every life important?
  • Our role in being made in the image of God - What are we made for?
  • Our calling in being made in the image of God - What does He want from us?
  • Our challenge in being made in the image of God - Where is the culture dragging us back to the dust?

We'll have worship from Journey Worship Co., practical breakout sessions, great fellowship, and much more!

Every Christian student needs to be grounded in being able to answer these critical questions to survive and thrive in the years ahead. If you'd like to know more as we release the details for this conference, just fill in your contact info below!

* Note: Use of Ridgecrest Conference Center for this event does not imply alignment with or endorsement by Ridgecrest Conference Center or the Ridgecrest Foundation.