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Our conference theme is Out of the Dust and we look forward to a great series of session in diving into what it means to be created in the image of God.


  • Who Are We? Whose Are We?: We see in Genesis that God has made us in His image, but what does that mean? Matt Smethurst will share what it means that God formed us “Out the Dust” in His image.
  • Why are We Here?: Every person must answer the question of why exist. Dean Inserra will walk through what Scripture says is our purpose and meaning in life.
  • What’s Wrong with Us?: In this session, Trevin Wax shares what Genesis 3 shows separates us from God and reconciles us back to Him.
  • When is it Right to Rebel?: Scripture commands us to both follow God’s commands and to submit to authorities. Erik Reed walks through what we know from Scripture when those two things are at odds. 


  • What is Our Foundation: Scripture or Critical Theory?Neil Shenvi will discuss the importance of building our worldview on the Bible the many other competing foundations, particularly Critical Theory.
  • What is a Man?: We are all created in the image of God, but what does it mean, specifically, to be a man created in His image? Join Brandon Sutton for this session of understanding gender in light of God’s Word.
  • What is a Woman?: We are all created in the image of God, but what does it mean, specifically, to be a woman created in His image? Join Abigail Dodds for this session of understanding gender in light of God’s Word.
  • Why Does our Sexuality Matter?: The Bible offers clarity on what the world has clouded on the topics of love and our sexuality. Nick Judd will discuss why it’s important that we root our understanding of sexuality on God’s Word.
  • How to Have Gospel Conversations in a Controversial World: As ambassadors of Christ in a land that hates Him, Christ and His gospel is the world's greatest need, therefore our greatest ambition. Larry Davis in this session will equip the next generation concerning the urgency in sharing the good news of Christ in a world that does not esteem Him as Lord.
  • Addressing Cultural Attacks on Biblical Womanhood: How should we answer the specific attacks from today’s culture on Biblical womanhood? Katie McCoy will walk through how believers can build an apologetic for the challenges we see today.
  • Why Pro-Life?Bo Linam, founder of Hope Beyond Abortion and Regional Director for Love Life, shares a biblical case for understanding that life matters to God and abortion is incompatible with His Word.
  • Q&A for Leaders & Parents: How should you tackle the tough topics with students? This Q&A session will help leaders and parents navigate how they can best equip students today.