issue 33 pastor newsletter 062423

Issue 33: In Solving This Problem You Could Make a Big Mistake

Feeding & Leading the Sheep

Most churches have a leadership shortage. They are desperate for skilled individuals that can help shoulder the load and advance the mission. More high-capacity leaders create more ministry reach and opportunities, and we definitely want that.

However, we must appoint leaders with caution. Not every skilled individual is a great fit for our ministry. Giving leadership to a high-capacity leader who doesn’t embody the church’s DNA and direction is a disaster for the church, and your leadership.

That’s the subject of this week’s newsletter.

Values and Vision

If we put individuals in leadership that don’t possess our values or share our vision, we run the risk of great damage to the church. These individuals gain a level of authority and influence through the roles we place them in. They now have people’s ears. If they are not bought into where the church’s senior leaders are headed, they can cause division amongst the members.

They also have the power to shape what the church is becoming. People who follow them will imitate them. This ultimately takes the church off course and veers it into a ditch because of misalignment. Great leaders who are aligned with senior leadership can help strive a church forward. Great leaders who are not aligned can destroy a great work that is happening.

1 Actionable Tip

Don’t thrust people into leadership and authority roles until they’ve demonstrated they possess your values and share your vision.

Be slow to place someone in a leadership role until you’ve had a chance to thoroughly vet them. Make sure they demonstrate a willingness to serve and follow others before giving them leadership responsibility. This is a crucial practice. One bad leader has the potential to derail momentum in a church.

Opportunities for Next Steps

1. KJM Student Camps in 2024. I’m excited to announce that Knowing Jesus Ministries is launching our own camps in 2024 called ARISE Camps. Check out the announcement video and join a list of leaders interested in hearing more as details finalize.

2. Student Minister Leadership Lab. We are excited about pouring into student ministry leaders with a practical workshop style event. Join us in Nashville August 3-4th for coaching and practical help for leading an effective student ministry. Register here.

3. Engaging Truth Conference at Ridgecrest. Join us in the mountains of North Carolina on October 13-15 for our national student conference. We’ll gather with Trevin Wax, Matt Smethurst, Dean Inserra, Neil Shenvi, Abigail Dodds, Katie McCoy, Journey Worship Co. and many more. Register or learn more here.