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Issue #14: This Simple 5-Step Framework Will Help You Develop More Ministry Leaders

Feeding & Leading the Sheep

One of the greatest needs in every church is more qualified and competent leaders to share in the ministry.

I’ve never met a pastor who wouldn't take more competent people who can minister beside him. But why do most churches struggle so badly with having enough leaders?


We don’t do a great job in churches of developing leaders for ministry. Everyone loves the idea of leadership development, but most have no plan.

Today’s newsletter is about solving that!

The 5 C’s Framework

There are a hundred different approaches you can take for developing leaders. The best plan is the one you adopt and execute.

What is the goal of leadership development? Shaping their beliefs, behaviors, and skills.

The following framework is a simple tool to help you:






Let me explain each step.

Connect: Spend the first several minutes connecting with the person. Ask about their family. See how work is going. It’s okay to mention the score from the ballgame that week. Make a connection with them.

Celebrate: Take a moment to affirm them and the work they do. Encourage their growth or the time they spend helping with ministry. This is a chance to remind them of your gratitude for them. Thank them.

Coach: This is the teaching portion. Select one topic and spend a little time explaining it. Think about a competency you want to instill (teaching, delegating, counseling, leading a meeting, etc.). Share relevant Scriptures. Keep in mind that you don’t have to say everything that could be said. This isn’t meant to be exhaustive. Focus on 1 thing.

Communicate: Ask them questions. See if they understand. Consider assignments you could give them related to the topic. Think about content related questions that could come up around the subject. This could be when you give them a challenge to implement that you intend to follow-up on.

Care: This is your chance to minister to them. Ask how you can pray for them. See if there are any issues that might want or need to share. This is a chance to shepherd their hearts after we finish equipping their heads and hands.

1 Actionable Tip

Execute a simple leadership development plan and you’ll see incredible results.

Leadership development can happen in fifteen minutes, half an hour, or a full hour. It doesn’t require inordinate amounts of time commitment. These can also happen 1-on-1 or in a small group huddle.

This framework only takes a little planning and structure on behalf of the pastor or person doing the development.

The more people we develop in ministry, the greater the impact in our church. More people will be using their gifts for the Kingdom, and more people get ministered to. It’s a win-win.

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Become a Stronger Leader

Whenever you want to take a next step of growing in your leadership, there are lots of ways you can do that.

1. Cohorts. We have cohorts for Lead Pastors and Student Ministry Leaders. Cohorts begin in February, sign-up ASAP.

2. Individual Coaching. For those who want to get a more tailored coaching experience, this option helps you grow in church leadership skills and solving your church-specific challenges. Sign-up soon, limited spots.

3. Church Consulting. If your church needs revitalization and desires assistance in developing a vision and strategy for going forward, this option can be great for you. We not only help diagnosis issues but work with you to create a plan and coach you on execution.