The local church is the hope of the world. Yet very few churches in the United States are growing. Most pastors and church leaders know when their church is struggling but are often so immersed in the daily fight of ministry that they cannot diagnose the underlying causes or find lasting solutions. We believe that we can help reverse these trends of decline by implementing best practices through God honoring wisdom and excellence. We want to come alongside you and see your church flourish to the glory of God.

We’ll walk through a proven process of discovering your church’s unique environment and challenges, and sharing practical recommendations that will make a difference. This 16-week consultation includes a robust assessment through an on-site visit, interviews with pastors and leaders, surveys with attendees / members, and analyses of data from the community and your church. 

We’ll share reporting that will help you make a difference in the health of your church:

- An assessment of your community, including both demographics and psychographics
A perspective on your church facilities and worship service
A review of the perceptions of your church from your attendees / members and leadership
An analysis of your stewardship and finances
A “Church Health Report” detailing strengths and opportunities 
Practical recommendations for next steps for your church

We want to ensure your church gets the most from all of the reporting we’ll provide. Every consulting engagement includes six coaching sessions to assist you in implementing your next steps.

You’ll receive all of this customized reporting and support for $3,900 (plus travel costs) - less than the amount given by a new donating family added to your church.

Consulting Team

Brandon Sutton is Associate Pastor at The Journey Church in Lebanon, TN. Brandon Sutton is a certified church consultant through Church Consultations University and was mentored by Thom Rainer, CEO of Church Answers. Brandon has been a pastor for 12 years and has ministered in churches both large and small. For 10 of those years, he pastored in the context of church revitalization and has a heart for seeing churches made healthy.

Nick Judd is the Kids Pastor at The Journey Church in Lebanon, TN. He is also a contributing writer and speaker for Knowing Jesus Ministries. He has an extensive background in organizational management, guest services, and leadership development, having worked over 20 years in the marketplace. Nick is passionate about growing churches in their knowledge of the Word of God and in their ability to defend it in the midst of a culture fighting against truth.

Erik Reed is the Founder of Knowing Jesus Ministries and is the Founder and Lead Pastor of The Journey Church in Lebanon, TN. Erik has a heart for helping build healthy churches and has coached / mentored many in ministry. Erik leads a series of pastoral cohorts and shares a weekly leadership newsletter, Feeding & Leading the Sheep.


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