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Stand Firm in the Faith

1 Corinthians 16:13 (ESV) -- Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.

Have you ever walked on a surface that wasn’t solid? Think about different types of uncertain terrain to navigate. Walking through a foam pit is nearly impossible. Trying to make your way through a thick forest is difficult. Wearing crocs or sandals when it is wet is a dangerous proposition. All of these are examples of not having solid footing.

Some people live their lives, from a spiritual standpoint, on shaky footing. Couple this reality with the fact that we live in a turbulent world with obstacles, winds of afflictions and troubles, and our own personal weaknesses. It is not easy to stand solidly in this world. 

Our passage today is a command given by the apostle Paul to the church in Corinth. He tells them to be watchful, and “stand firm in the faith.” That phrase to stand firm in the faith gets to the heart of our devotion today. To stand firm means to be steady and sure. We are to stand firm in the faith. This means we are not wavering, stumbling, or easily moved. Our feet are planted on a foundation that can hold us. Where do we find this foundation? 

We find it in the Word of God, in the gospel of Christ, in the help of the Holy Spirit, and in community with the church. It is in the Scriptures that our lives find a sure foundation. We do not build our lives on sand, but on the rock of God’s Word. Only then can we stand secure when the winds and waves crash upon us. We find this foundation in the gospel of Christ. Our sins are forgiven and our hope is secure. We anchor ourselves to the truth that Jesus has reconciled us to the Father and made us heirs of eternal promises. We find this firm foundation through the Holy Spirit’s power to sustain us. If we walk by the Spirit, we will not gratify the desires of the flesh. This keeps us steady in the faith. We stand firm in the faith by remaining in fellowship with the church. We do not try to stand alone, but lock arms with other brothers and sisters of the faith. There we find help, encouragement, and strength. 

The world will not make faithfulness easy,
yet we are commanded to
stand firm in the faith.
This doesn’t happen by crossing
our fingers and hoping for the best.
It happens only by intentionally pursuing it.

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Reflection & Journal
- What is the contrast of standing firm in the faith? What are examples of how that looks?
- Of the four ways of standing firm that were mentioned, which are you doing consistently? 
- What are some of the troubles in this life that you’ve experienced that tried to keep you from standing firm?

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