Just Released - Hold the Line: A Call for Christian Conviction in a Culture of Conformity

Knowing Jesus Ministries has released Pastor Erik Reed's latest book, Hold the Line: A Call for Christian Conviction in a Culture of Conformity. In this title, Reed calls upon Christians to remain faithful to God's Word - holding the line as we contend for the faith. The book is currently available from Amazon.

Today, Christians are struggling to tread water in a society caught in the wake of the sexual revolution and the rise of Critical Theory. The culture has shifted its views abruptly on sexuality, gender, justice, and race. Will God's people stay faithful to God's Word? Now, more than ever, Christians must stand firm.

To stay faithful to Christ, today’s Christian must be keenly aware of what time it is. Erik Reed does, which is why I’m happy to recommend this volume as a critical guide to navigating the difficult terrain of today’s culture wars.” - Andrew Walker, Associate Professor of Christian Ethics, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fellow; The Ethics and Public Policy Center

We are truly living the days of 2 Timothy 4, when many would rather find teachers who conform to their own desires than to sound doctrine. As hostility towards the teachings of Jesus increases, so does the opportunity among His followers to demonstrate genuine discipleship, the kind that demands nothing less than the totality of one's self. Erik confronts us with Jesus' most challenging commands and reminds us that the call to discipleship is a call to die to ourselves, to resist the ease of conformity, and to fear God alone. In a world of compromise, we must hold the line.” - Katie J. McCoy, Director of Women’s Ministry, Texas Baptists Center for Church Health

In this much-needed book, Reed deftly demonstrates that the modern American church has spent far too much time trying to remake Christ in the image of the culture, rather than letting Christ remake us. This eminently practical guide offers both reasons and strategies for fighting worldly drift and contending for the faith in a society that increasingly finds biblical principles not just offensive, but alien. More than a warning, Hold the Line presents a challenge to believers not to lose their souls for the sake of pleasing men.” - Megan Basham, Claremont Fellow, culture reporter for Daily Wire, Morning Wire podcast

In an age of confusion and compromise, we need pastors who understand the times, recognize where the pressure is coming from, and speak and act with courage, clarity, and compassion. Erik Reed is one such pastor, and I’m grateful he’s written this little book. May it help you to heed the biblical call to stand firm in the evil day.” - Dr. Joe Rigney, President of Bethlehem College & Seminary, author of More Than a Battle: How to Experience Victory, Freedom, and Healing from Lust

Hold the Line is available for purchase from Amazon.