2024 Engaging Truth Conference Theme Announced

Engaging Truth Conferences are designed to ground students and adults in the timeless truth of God's Word and show how to apply it to everyday life.

We're excited to announce that our 2024 theme is "Deny Yourself". We live in a time where "you do you" is a slogan of affirmation. The freedom to live out what you feel or desire is the unquestioned dogma. Students absorb this thinking everyday as a result of its prominence. Even many professing Christians think it's okay to claim faith in Jesus while living according to their own desires and views. Discipleship in the 21st century, particularly to students, requires a recovery of one of Jesus' most basic teachings: deny yourself. Join us as we look at what it means to deny ourselves and follow Christ each day. 

At each conference, we'll tackle issues students, parents, and leaders are working through today:

  • Dying To Your Attempts to Save Yourself
  • Dying To Your Impulse To Be Your Own God
  • Killing the Flesh Within
  • Developing the Habits of Dying Daily

Each conference features engaging sessions, interactive breakouts, Christ-honoring worship, and Q&A time to dive deeper on the specific questions of each attendee.

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