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Issue #9: 5 Reasons You Should Consider Getting a Pastor’s Coach

Faithful & Fruitful Pastoring

I pastored a church in need of revitalization for eight years. For the first four years we grew, but very slowly. In year five, however, I hired a pastor’s coach, and our church began to grow at a more rapid pace.

To be fair, getting a coach isn’t the single reason the church began to grow. There were a lot of factors, all of them because of God’s grace. However, I don’t think the church would have begun to grow like it did without my coach. He helped me stay encouraged and chart the course forward for our church. I am grateful to him, as he was the reason for much of the success we enjoyed.

I think every pastor needs a coach of some kind. I especially believe that pastors in hard situations—like a church plant, replant, or revitalization—need outside counsel.

Here are five reasons why I think you should get a coach.

  1. Coaches help you stay encouraged. I can’t tell you how many times my coach empowered me to stay encouraged by helping me see the positive things going on in our church. I couldn’t see it most of the time. I tend to focus on negative things. My coach helped me keep my eyes on the good things God was doing. This gave me fresh eyes and life every time we spoke. 
  2. Coaches can provide an outsider’s perspective. Let’s be honest, we get used to things, even when they’re bad. My car is old, and it has a lot of cosmetic damage, but I am used to it and really don’t notice. But when a professional looks at it to assess its trade-in value, they see all the things that need fixed. Coaches can do the same. They will see the problems you have gotten used to. They will point it out and help you get out of the rut.
  3. Coaches can help with practical solutions. Get a coach that’s been there. You don’t want a theorist. You want a practitioner. This way, when you have a real problem, the coach can provide realistic and effective solutions.
  4. Coaches can talk you off of a ledge. Pastoring is hard, and all of us have felt like quitting. A coach can talk you off that Monday morning ledge. We all know we shouldn’t quit without much prayer and counsel. Yet, in many cases, we can’t confide with anyone in the church. That would be ministry suicide. A coach can provide the insight and encouragement you need in that moment.
  5. Coaches can provide specific help. Leadership books are great, as are conferences and the like. But what about when you’re dealing with a very specific problem that you don’t know how to handle? Coaches are there to listen and provide specific solutions for your specific problems. That assistance is invaluable.

Pastoring is hard, and all of us have felt like quitting.
A coach can provide the insight and encouragement you need in that moment to help keep your eyes on the good things God is doing!

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I benefited greatly from coaching, and I think you can as well. If you’re interested in pastoral coaching, check out this information page on our website. Fill out the questionnaire and give us a call. We’d love to talk more about this opportunity with you.

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