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Issue #20: Don’t Be Afraid To Seek Help

Faithful & Fruitful Pastoring

This is the Tweet I woke up to.

I remember the time I almost walked away from the ministry. I was tired, burnt out and ready to quit. I called two elders from my church and told them I needed a break. I couldn’t go on much longer. Why? No one reason. It was the cumulative effect of the ministry. I was dying slowly. It’s death by a thousand cuts. Thankfully, they understood and gave me a six-week sabbatical.

Since then, I have prioritized rest, exercise, and mental health. I don’t work six days a week (most weeks) anymore. I make sure to talk with friends and even paid counselors when I am struggling. I want to go the long haul in ministry. To do that, I must take care of myself.

Brother pastor, and fellow ministry leaders, do not be afraid to get help. It’s not a sin to take medicine for depression and/or anxiety. It’s not to your shame that you see a professional counselor or therapist. It’s a weakness to fight this battle by yourself. It’s a strength to seek help.

Do you want to preach and shepherd until the Lord calls you home? I do. Then we must pace ourselves and seek support. If you need help, send me an email. I offer professional coaching, but if you just need someone to talk with, I won’t consider it a part of our coaching program. Just send me an email and we can talk as brothers in the Lord and fellow ministry workers.

I am praying for you. May God strengthen you with the grace of Christ.


I benefited greatly from coaching, and I think you can as well. If you’re interested in pastoral coaching, check out this information page on our website. Fill out the questionnaire and give us a call. We’d love to talk more about this opportunity with you.

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