2023 Student Ministry Leader Coaching Cohort

Note: Registration is closed for this cohort, but please email info@knowingjesusministries.co if you'd like to hear when we'll offer our next cohort.

Students are on the front lines of everything taking place in the culture today. Student pastors and ministry leaders, now more than ever, are vital in passing on the truth of God's Word to the next generation. This coaching cohort exists to help student pastors and ministry leaders grow as shepherds for the glory of Christ and the health of their ministries.    


Join Pastors Erik Reed and Larry Davis in these coaching sessions just for student pastors / ministry leaders. The cohort will be limited to 20 log-ins and will run from February-July. There will be six virtual group sessions and one personal coaching session. Each of the group sessions will be recorded if you're unable to join live and will last approximately one hour.

The cost for the entire series is $795 for a log-in. Multiple participants from the same church may view the virtual sessions, but the personal coaching session will be limited to one person per church.  


Session 1: Leading Inward, Outward, and Upward (2/9 at Noon CT)

  • Creating habits of personal communion with the Lord, commitment to ongoing theological growth, & sharpening leadership skills 
  • Commit to equipping and communicating to staff, parents, volunteer leaders, and students and partnering organizations
  • Keep vision alignment with Lead Pastor and church leadership

Session 2: Crafting Vision and Creating Culture (3/2 at Noon CT)

  • Understanding your church’s Mission & Vision
  • Creating vision for the student ministry (how to do it, how to communicate it)
  • Create vision carriers amongst your parents and leaders and students
  • Helping students handle conflict amongst each other
  • Why is culture so important to your student ministry? How do you create healthy culture?

Session 3: Recruiting Leaders & Resourcing Parents (4/13 at Noon CT)

  • Identifying, evaluating, and equipping volunteer leaders
  • Developing a ministry team (assigning roles and helping them understand how it connects to the mission)
  • Handling conflicts amongst leaders
  • Communication musts for parents (schedule, teachings plan, specifics with their child)
  • Resourcing parents with discipleship tools, parent helps, and equipping events

Session 4: Worship Services / Student Gatherings / Events (5/11 at Noon CT)

  • Intentionality in calendar planning
  • Striking the balance between fun and engaging vs. learning and substantive
  • Service elements and flow of the night 
  • Tailoring expectations to existing resources
  • Identifying and connecting with guests 

Session 5: Preaching (6/8 at Noon CT)

  • The centrality of preaching to the student ministry
  • Tips for planning, preparing, and delivering sermons
    • Planning: Developing a schedule/calendar for sermons (Topical? Books of the Bible?)
    • Preparing: Creating rhythms for study and writing
    • Delivering: Thinking through different approaches for effective communication

Session 6: Discipleship & Mobilization (7/13 at Noon CT)

  • Foundational curriculum (grounding your students in systematic theology, attributes of God, metanarrative, catechisms)
  • Developing trusted material and resources through mediums and platforms they already use God’s Word & Apologetics (giving them theological categories & confidence in defending the faith)
  • Develop an assimilation funnel
  • Prioritize and measure what matters
  • Normalizing serving & missions (Gospel conversation training, missional opportunities, generational discipleship, etc.)
  • Intentional development for post-high school life

Dates / times subject to change. We will notify you to set up your personal coaching session.