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To Whom Will You Liken Me?

Isaiah 46:5 (ESV)  – To whom will you liken me and make me equal, and compare me, that we may be alike?

Have you ever had someone tell you, “You remind me of…” and they list someone? Most people have experienced this. Sometimes we know who they are referring to and other times we don’t. What do they mean by that? They mean our personality, temperament, humor, mannerism, and many other things remind them of someone else. People liken Presidents to prior Presidents. We liken athletes to previous athletes. Comparisons are common. We liken people to others because it gives us and others a frame of reference. 

But our passage reminds us today that with God, there is nobody like Him. We read in Isaiah 46:5, “To whom will you liken me and make me equal, and compare me, that we may be alike?” God speaks through the prophet Isaiah to make a powerful statement about His uniqueness.

God asks who mankind will try to liken Him to. Who can we make His equal or compare Him to? There are no kings that are like God. The wisest seers are not like God. The best teachers are not comparable or equal. Nobody has character as pure as God. No one is holy or just like Him. The attributes of God could be listed in full and we could declare with authority that there is nobody like Him. 

We try often to bring God down to our level. One way we do this is to compare Him. But He is not like us. He is the Creator, and everything else is creation. This alone distinguishes God and sets Him apart from all things. God is dependent upon nothing, everything else in creation is dependent upon God for existence. This puts God in a category of one. There are no equals or comparisons we can make.

However, there is one great exception to what has been said so far. There is no one in all the earth like God or His equal, except for Christ. Jesus was the visible image of the invisible God. He was God incarnate. Though He was born in the flesh, He was the Word from the beginning. Jesus is God. Jesus is equal to the Father, and the Spirit is equal to the Father and the Son. To what can you compare God? You can compare Him to what you see in Jesus. Why? Because what you see Jesus doing, you are seeing the Father do. What you hear Jesus say, you are hearing the Father say. This makes Jesus worthy of our worship and devotion today. 

Reflection & Journal: 
- How does this passage inspire our hearts concerning the greatness of God?
- What are some reasons why God is unequaled as Creator?
- Why should this passage deepen your faith, love, and joy in God?

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