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The LORD is Righteous

Psalm 11:7 — For the LORD is righteous; he loves righteous deeds; the upright shall behold his face.


“Because I said so.” This is the most repeated line of parents to their children. At some point, every parent dusts this statement off the shelf and puts it to use to stop the questioning of their children. 


“Why do we have to go there?” Because I said so.

“Why do I have to clean my room right now?” Because I said so.

“Why do I have to eat this food when I’m not hungry?” Because I said so.


We could keep adding to the list. In those situations, our word is final. Our decision no longer has to be justified to the one asking. It is simply that way because we have determined it will be that way. Obviously, as parents, we acknowledge we are not perfect. We sometimes get it wrong. Which means appealing to our authority as the final justification of why something is can backfire. We’re not infallible. But God never runs into this problem. He is infallible. His authority is always good. 


The psalmist reminds us in our passage that the LORD is righteous. This means God always acts in accordance with what is right and is Himself the final standard of what is right. The implication of this is that when God says “Because I said so” it is always right. There’s never a possibility of Him getting it wrong. We never have to question the wisdom or justice of it. 


This helps us today as a reminder that the righteous God of the universe is over our lives. His commands are wise and good. Even when we don’t understand the “why” behind something, we can know He is righteous. Therefore, we can trust Him.


Reflection & Journal:

- What does it mean that the LORD is righteous?

- How should God’s righteousness comfort us over the course of our lives?

- Why is God’s righteousness different than our righteousness?