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The Eyes of the Lord

Proverbs 15:3 (ESV) -- The eyes of the LORD are in every place, keeping watch on the evil and the good.

Sometimes I’ll catch myself staring at my kids. I love to watch them talk or enjoy things. Other times my watching them is for their protection. If we travel to a crowded place, I hold their hands or make them walk beside me. But I can’t always do that. 

One time in Chicago, we went to a park where kids stood under a water tower that shot water at everyone underneath it. Hundreds and hundreds of children (and adults) played in the water, splashing around with one another. The parents lining the water area stared at their children, not only to observe their enjoyment, but to ensure their safety. There was a brief moment when we couldn’t see our girls, so I got up and started walking around until I saw them again. They were behind a group of kids playing. 

No matter how hard we tried to keep a protective eye on them, we were incapable of seeing through the people they were behind. But God has no such limitations. 

In our passage today, we see the reality of God’s presence and knowledge of all things. The writer of the proverb says His eyes are in every place. God doesn’t have an actual set of eyes. This is a human way of speaking that helps us grasp the reality. God sees everything. Notice the proverb says He is keeping watch on the evil and the good. There is nothing that escapes His view. 

This can both convict us and encourage us. The conviction comes because we realize we can’t hide from God.

He sees our sins. He knows our thoughts.
However, God seeing all things encourages
us that He is aware of our troubles,
knows about injustices,
and sees our sorrows.
He is our all-seeing, all-present Lord.
Remember His eyes are on you today.

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Reflection & Journal:
- How does God seeing everything help us to fight against sin?
- In what ways can God’s ability to see everything lead us to greater prayer and communion?
- Why should God’s ability to see all things provoke us into serving Him and living for His glory each day?

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