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The Demon Has Gone

Mark 7:29-30 (ESV) — And He said to her, Because of this answer go; the demon has gone out of your daughter.” And going back to her home, she found the child lying on the bed, the demon having left.


Those with the most authority see their words acted on and obeyed the most. The person with the least amount of authority at a place of employment gets the least amount of attention when they speak. Their words don’t carry weight or have power. Nobody rushes to obey the person who is lowest on the totem pole. 


The opposite is true for the person with much authority. Their words are acted upon swiftly. People put weight to their words, causing things to happen. 


In our passage today, we see this reality played out in full measure. Nobody has spoken with more authority than God. And Jesus, who is God in the flesh, spoke words that carried immediate power and authority. His words demonstrated His lordship and dominion over all things. 

In Mark 7:29-30, Jesus speaks over the health of a young girl having all sorts of problems. The root issue is a demon that is tormenting her. A mom seeks out Jesus to come see the girl. She hopes He can do something to help relieve her of her struggles. Jesus tells the mom to go home because the demon has gone from the girl. How does He know? Because He commanded it. The demon obeyed Jesus while He was still at a distance away. He didn’t need to confront the demon face-to-face in order to demonstrate authority and lordship over it. When the mother returned home, she found her daughter well. The demon left. 


Jesus is the Lord over all things. His authority and reign have no limitations or boundaries. This should breed confidence in our lives. No matter what we face, our Lord can and does have the authority over it. With a simple word He can open doors and close them. He can do all things. Let this guide your trust in Him. Let this inform your prayers. 

Reflection & Journal:

- Why do Jesus’ words carry a different authority than anyone else?

How do Jesus’ commands and words create whatever reality He speaks? 

What are some ways that the lordship of Christ should inform our lives?

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