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Just As They Will

Acts 15:11 (ESV) – “But we believe that we will be saved through the grace of the Lord Jesus, just as they will.”

How is anyone made right with God? There have been countless answers given to this question over the course of thousands of years. People have sacrificed animals, humans, and all sorts of things in order to win the favor of God. Some believe a good life justifies them. Others believe holding the right beliefs will ensure salvation. But God has revealed the truth to us through Christ and His Word.

We read in our passage today a statement in the Jerusalem Council. This meeting of leaders centered on the question of the salvation of Gentiles. The Jews knew God had made covenant with them, but it appeared now after the pouring out of the Holy Spirit that He had begun saving Gentiles. We read in Acts 15:11, “But we believe that we will be saved through the grace of the Lord Jesus, just as they will.”

This is a pivotal moment in church history. If the apostles would have created massive barriers for the Gentiles to come to Christ, the Christian faith may not have gone beyond Israel. But instead we read that only one thing was necessary. God’s grace is the centerpiece of salvation –  grace through faith in Jesus. 

The gospel message preached that Jesus was crucified for sinners and raised in glory on the third day. All who believed were saved. Through faith, the grace of God came upon sinners who called upon the name of Jesus. This theological point of emphasis made entry point into the church possible for Jew and Gentile alike. This is why any of us are in the faith today. The grace of God poured out on us through Jesus. Jew and Gentile alike enter by the same door: faith in Christ under the grace of God.

Give thanks today for this grace. If you have put your faith in Jesus, then you are saved. What an incredible promise we have in Him! Any person on the planet can be justified by God in this way. There are no extra steps or requirements for someone in China, Mexico, England, Nigeria, or Spain.

Faith alone in Christ alone makes us recipients of God’s grace. Praise Him for it today, and make others aware of this Good News.

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Reflection & Journal:
- Why is the Jerusalem Council so important to church history?
- What is the main dispute or question they were seeking to answer?
- How does this passage encourage you today?

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