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His Word Runs Swiftly

Psalm 147:15 (ESV) -- He sends out his command to the earth; his word runs swiftly.

Generals and commanders in the military taste the rare experience of their words being executed and carried out by those who hear them. Bosses at companies get a small dose of this as well. But not many know the power of their words being acted upon. However, God fully knows this reality.

Our passage today highlights this truth. Psalm 147:15 says, “He sends out his command to the earth; his word runs swiftly.” When God speaks, His word runs swiftly to accomplish that which was spoken. God’s command for there to be light, birthed light into existence. Jesus’ words to calm the storm on the sea brought an immediate halt to the winds and waves. The exorcism of a demon, healing of a disease, and summoning of Lazarus from the grave are examples of God’s power to speak things into existence. 

This truth reminds us that our God reigns on the earth. His Word has power. What God wills always comes to pass. It can’t do otherwise. The Lord is sovereign over the universe. This raises the issue of the difference between the Creator and Creation. This is no small distinction. The Creator has absolute control over everything that happens, or can happen, in His world. Creation must bend and bow to His words. His commands create reality.

How does this truth encourage us today? It reminds us that the world is not left to randomness, fate, or chance. Our God reigns. His words spoken bring reality into existence. If He speaks the word, the doors can open for us. If He speaks the word, those same doors can close. This ought to breed confidence in the Scriptures. It should also encourage our prayer lives. If God speaks it, there is nothing to stop it. Find hope and confidence in these truths today.

Reflection & Journal:
- What does it mean that God’s Word runs swiftly?
- What are some examples in the Bible of this for us to see?
- How should this truth relate to our lives?

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