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He Sees

Job 34:21 — For his eyes are on the ways of a man, and he sees all his steps.


In Sniper School one of the goals for a trainee is to learn how to remain in stealth mode, taking a shot at an objective without the instructors finding them. This takes patience and a lot of training. They have to learn how to camouflage themselves with the terrain and use the topography to blend in with the environment. The trainers and instructors at Sniper School are skilled at spotting the sniper trainees. They know the places where they will likely go. They know the topography so well that any change in the norm will stand out immediately to them. But they aren’t infallible. In fact, a good trainee will find a way to remain unseen. 


This is never the case with God. He is never unaware of our coming or going. There is never a scenario where God fails to spot our movements, activities, and thoughts. We cannot camouflage from Him. He sees everything. He knows everything. 


Our passage today reflects this reality. In Job 34:21 we read, “For his eyes are on the ways of man, and he sees all his steps.” God does not have eyes. This language is anthropomorphic. It is a figurative way of talking that aides in human understanding. God speaks this way through His Word as a grace for our understanding. When we read that God “sees” it is revelation that He knows all things. He is aware of every thought, action, and deed of man, at all times. There isn’t a blind spot where we’re out of His sight.


Notice that it says, “he sees all his steps.” It’s not that God occasionally glances in our direction. His “eyes” are always on us. It is as if God only looks at us. That’s how much He sees. The mind-blowing thing is that He looks at everyone, yet sees and knows everything we do. This illustrates God’s omnipresence. This attribute teaches us that our God is everywhere, all the time. For the rebel this can be terrifying. For the Christian who has trusted Christ, this is a comfort. We are never alone. Our situation is known. God is aware.

Reflection & Journal:

- Why is it disheartening for the sinner and rebel that God is everywhere?

- In what ways is it comforting to us as believers that God’s eyes are on us?

- How should you live today in light of God’s all-seeing presence in your life?

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