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Great Reward In Obedience

Psalm 19:11 (ESV) – Moreover, by them is your servant warned; in keeping them there is great reward.

The gospel declares that the finished work of Jesus justifies us before God. It is vital that Christians recognize that faith alone in Christ alone saves us. But as Martin Luther, the German Reformer from the 1500s, taught, "We are saved by faith alone, but the faith that saves is never alone." The true Christian obeys God, not for acceptance, but from acceptance. We obey the Scriptures from His love, not for His love. Additionally, there is great reward in obedience. 

This idea is found in our passage today. We read from David in Psalm 19:11, “Moreover, by them is your servant warned; in keeping them there is great reward.”

This psalm begins with David’s expounding on God’s revelation through creation. General revelation is how God shows His nature through the created world. But the psalm progresses toward the special revelation of God through His Word. The Scriptures reveal God in greater detail and clarity than creation, or general revelation. 

We read in this verse that “by them,” that is the Scriptures, “your servant is warned.” This highlights how God’s revealed will is communicated through Scripture. Nobody is left to guess about God’s desires for the world. He reveals what is good, beautiful, and true in Scripture. He provides specific commands and expectations for our lives. God communicates how we are to manage money, approach marriage, understand gender and sexuality, and much more. We are warned about what our Creator expects. 

But then David reveals that there is reward in keeping God’s commands. It’s not that we avoid punishment, but we gain reward. Living under God’s commands brings blessing. There are special blessings, but there are also general blessings that come when we align our lives with God’s will. Living in alignment to reality brings blessing. Rebelling against it brings curses. 

Commit today to living under the authority of God’s commands.
Seek the blessing and reward found in obedience.
God delights in obedient children.
His commands do not restrict our joy, but serve as the gateway to it. 

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Reflection & Journal: 
- Why is it important to know the difference between seeking obedience for salvation vs seeking obedience for reward?
- What lies does our culture believe about obeying God’s Word?
- How should Christians think about obedience to God?

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