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Good to All

Psalm 145:9 — The Lord is good to all, and his mercy is over all that he has made.

I have taught each of my children in church classes with other kids at some point. When the room is full of kids and it is time for a snack, I don’t only give one to my kids. They are not the only ones I call on to answer questions. I teach all the children, give snacks to everyone, and let each child participate in the games we play. Of course, I know my child is in there. They participate in all the fun and activities the rest of the class does. But when class is over, my child goes home with me and receives a more particular love and care from me. 

This story illustrates the idea of common grace that we find in Scripture. Our passage today reminds us that the Lord is good to all. There is no qualification or disclaimer given in the passage. He pours out blessing and favor to all people. His mercy is over all that He has made. The mercy of God is His withholding of the punishment our sins deserve. God’s mercy is His choosing not to unleash righteous anger at us for our constant ignoring of His commands, trampling of His glory, and grumbling of His ways.

So think about this:

Common grace consists of the blessings
God lavishes on us and the retribution
He withholds from us.
All of it is undeserved.
He gives good things to all people.
He restrains the punishment
our rebellion deserves.
Everything we have is a gift.

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And the number of things we have been spared is legion. 

God doesn’t only act this way toward His people. He is good to the God-denying politician. His blessings fall on the cheating husband. They fill the lives of greedy investors. The hardened prostitute even tastes of God’s goodness. So do I. So do you. Common grace is an amazing reality of a good and generous God. Reflect today on all the ways He has been good to you despite how much we do not deserve it.

Reflection & Journal:
- How would you distinguish common grace from particular grace?
- What are examples of common grace given to both unbelievers and believers alike?
- Why do you think God chooses to bless those who deny Him and not punish every act of rebellion?

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