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Eyes in Every Place

Proverbs 15:3 — The eyes of the LORD are in every place, keeping watch on the evil and the good.


There is a young man I know who has special needs. He has some intellectual disabilities, but he is incredibly smart and perceptive. He loves to be at church and participate in the conversations happening in the lobby, Bible study, and worship services. Often when speaking with him, he will reveal things to you that you had no idea he was paying attention to. People often remark that “nothing gets by him.” 


This perceptive skill from this young man is surprising because we view him as having limitations. But God has zero limitations. He always knows what is going on. Nothing gets by Him.


Our passage today is from Proverbs 15:3. It says, “The eyes of the LORD are in every place, keeping watch on the evil and the good.” There is not a literal set of eyes in every place, but there is an all-knowing God. I’m writing this devotion from an airplane. He is right here in the cabin with me and the other passengers. Simultaneously, 32,000 feet below, He is with every home, business, school, and farm we pass over. He is in every place. 

What is He doing? He is keeping watch on the evil and the good. This reminds us that God’s knowledge of good and evil deeds in the world is exhaustive. We get glimpses of it on the news or social media each day, but God knows the ones that nobody even knows about or ever will discover. This is a staggering thought to consider. The all-knowing God is unhindered in His knowledge, including His knowledge of us. Yet knowing everything about us, He still loves us and calls us to Himself. He knows everything. He is the One you can trust and run to in your troubles. His eyes are in every place. He is there at your job, in your home, at your school, and in your heart. Cry out to the One who knows you and everything you face today.


Reflection & Journal: 

- How does it stagger your mind to consider God’s all-knowing power? 

- What should the omniscience of God do for our hearts as we approach a new day? 

- What should our confession of sin look like in light of God knowing all things?

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