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Delighting in Obedience

Psalm 40:8 (ESV) – I delight to do your will, O my God; your law is within my heart.”

It feels good to obey God. Now this is very different than saying that we always obey God or have it in our nature to obey God. But one of the great evidences that we have been born-again is that our hearts are inclined to obey God. And not only are they inclined to obey God, they take joy in it. 

Our passage today shows us this reality. The psalmist writes, “I delight to do your will, O my God; your law is within my heart.” The tone of the psalmist is joy. He sees God’s Word and commands, not as burdensome and oppressive, but as joy-giving and freedom. God’s law is in his heart. His joy is to obey it. 

Why is this? Because he loves the LORD. To obey God is to love God. Jesus tells us this in John 14:15. When we love God, we want to walk in step with His Word, not against it. It grieves us when we find within ourselves a rebellion against His will. All of this showcases that our hearts have been made new and transformed by the grace of God. 

But our enemy, the Devil, seeks to deceive us. He loves to tell us that obeying God will steal our joy; the only joy and freedom to be found in life is doing what you want to do, not obeying God’s overbearing commands. Many fall for this lie. But they soon discover that disobedience and rebellion do not bring joy or freedom, it brings bondage and misery. 

Seek the LORD today. Ask Him to renew a right spirit within you to obey His Word. Ask Him to give you a delight to do His will. There is more joy in obeying God than anything else. So love the Lord your God and obey Him today.

Reflection & Journal:
- Why do you think we so easily fall for Satan’s deceptions about obedience bringing misery and disobedience bringing joy?
- How does this scenario play out in our lives and in our world today? 
- What steps can you take each day to help you to follow God’s will?

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