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By His Strength

Psalm 65:6 (ESV) — the one who by his strength established the mountains, being girded with might

Omnipotence is an attribute of God’s character. He possesses all power to do anything that He pleases. We only grasp a small fraction of this reality. We understand power in our world. We know politicians that have power. There are bodybuilders and athletes that have a kind of power. Power exists in brute force and in authority. But when the Bible talks about the strength of God and His power, it goes beyond anything we can grasp.

We get a picture of this in our text today. We read from the psalmist, “the one who by his strength established the mountains, being girded with might.” God, by His power, established the mountains. Consider this thought for a moment: mankind often seeks to demonstrate his power by scaling mountains. This skill and strength showcase the power of those climbers that can scale difficult terrain and survive. Many don’t survive. It is a very dangerous endeavor. But consider this reality: God is the One who had the power to create the mountain. 

This is a staggering fact. It grows in significance when we weigh the fact that God did this without any effort or strain. In fact, the mountain in all its size and scope is like a small pebble for Him. But even that doesn’t capture the ease of God’s power. God’s power is only seen in glimpses through the example of our passage today. 

One of the ways God’s power should be considered is in the infiniteness of His ability to do all that He pleases. He can create worlds with a single word. He can reverse death. Heal disease. Stop a storm. Send a storm.

Nothing is beyond the power of God.
The amazing thing is that
God’s power is always
guided by His wisdom and divine decree.
In this sense, God’s power is not restrained,
but guided and directed. 

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Can God heal every disease? Yes. But He doesn’t. This isn’t because He lacks the capacity to do it, but it is not in His will to do it. God’s power follows His wise and good plans. Stephen Charnock, the Puritan pastor and writer, comments on this. He discusses how the exercise of God’s power differs from the essence of His power. He says, “The will of God has set bounds to the exercise of his power but does not infringe that absolute power that still resides in his nature; he is girded with more power than he puts forth.” 

We see that in our text today. He is girded with power and might. He doesn’t always use it in the way we want Him to, but it is always guided by His good plan. 

Reflection & Journal:
- Why is it important to understand the power of God properly?
- What does the decree and wisdom of God have to do with His power?
- How should a text and devotion like today’s inform our prayer lives and expectations of God?

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