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Beyond Measure

Psalm 147:5 (ESV) — Great is our Lord, and abundant in power; his understanding is beyond measure. 

I’ve lived many more years than my children. I have more life experience, read more books, and know much more about the world than they do. There are times when I tell them something and they question, “How do you know that?” My answer usually boils down to experience or having read about it. They’re amazed that I know things.

Our passage today is a great reminder to us that God is infinitely wiser and more knowledgeable than us. His knowledge and wisdom are not because He’s been around longer than us (as it is with me with my daughters). God’s knowledge is infinite and exhaustive. He possesses all knowledge at all times about all things. There is nothing outside of His understanding. The psalmist writes that God’s understanding is beyond measure. It is not contained or regulated. We are not able to size it up. He’s that knowledgeable.

The theological term for this is omniscience. God’s omniscience is His attribute of being all-knowing. There is nothing that happens in the universe that escapes His knowledge. He knows about every particle of dust on the most distant planet in the most distant galaxy. And He knows if the wind blows it. Simultaneously, He knows every thought on our minds, every hair on your neighbor's head, and every plot of the rulers of nations. 

This has many implications for our lives.

God’s omniscience provides comfort to us
in our trials because
we know God sees them.
This truth reminds us that
no injustice escapes His knowledge,
no sin is covered up,
and no secret is hidden from Him.
Our God knows all things. 

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Reflection & Journal:
- How does God’s omniscience comfort you today?
- In what ways should God’s omniscience deter us from sin? 
- What does it reveal to us about the greatness of God that He simultaneously knows all things in the universe?

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