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Before the Eyes of the LORD

Proverbs 5:21 (ESV) -- For a man’s ways are before the eyes of the LORD, and he ponders all his paths.

There are all sorts of things done in secrecy in our world. Government officials meet in underground bunkers, secret rooms, and send messages through spies to navigate certain elements of foreign policy or covert warfare. These secret meetings go undetected by the vast majority of people in the world. We tell ourselves that this is the stuff of movies and novels, not real life. But they do happen in real life. There are so many things we never see or hear about that are very real. 

But our passage today reminds us of this marvelous truth that no such meetings or secrets are beyond the eyes of the LORD. The proverb says, “For a man’s ways are before the eyes of the LORD, and he ponders all his paths.” This is a mind-blowing passage. Our God sees everything. He knows everything. Our ways are before His eyes. Now, the LORD doesn’t have physical eyes to be sure, but this description is a way of explaining God’s exhaustive knowledge. He sees all. 

The LORD’s awareness of our every step is meant to do several things. It should cast away any notions that we are ever doing things in secret. Sin loves to hide out in the unseen places. Sin loves the dark. But God’s eyes are there. He knows. This should encourage believers not to attempt futile efforts to hide, but to bring our sin to God in the light and repent. It also reminds us that the unbeliever gets away with nothing. The LORD ponders all the paths of men. One day, each man will give an account. 

This truth can encourage us too. Believers are never alone. God’s eyes are never far from you or your movements. He sees and knows all that is happening in the world. Because He is sovereign over even the roll of the dice, it gives us peace to know He rules and reigns over the universe. Nothing done in secret ever passes by Him. He sees everything.

Reflection & Journal:
- What does the verse's use of physical / human characteristics tell us about God's character?
- Why is God’s seeing all things both a comfort and a challenge?
- How should the knowledge of God’s all-seeing nature affect how we live, pray, and think about the future?

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