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Because of Their Broken Spirit

Exodus 6:9 (ESV) -- Moses spoke thus to the people of Israel, but they did not listen to Moses, because of their broken spirit and harsh slavery.

People are fragile. I don’t mean other people, I mean us too. Human beings are tough and resilient in many ways, but in other ways we have the capacity for deep wounds and brokenness. Have you ever met someone who was just broken inside? Perhaps they had been betrayed, lost a loved one, or maybe they experience afflictions, or endure long suffering. Often times these people can be incredibly broken. 

Our passage today reminds us of this truth. We read in Exodus as Moses is seeking to rescue God’s people out of slavery. He delivers God’s words of rescue and redemption to them and promises freedom in a new land. God is laying out blessing and hope to them. But the people do not receive it. There is no hope in them. They despair. Why? Because their spirits were broken under the yoke of their harsh slavery. 

It is possible for people to be so hurt that they struggle to have hope. There are people whose trials and tragedies are so acute that they struggle to find joy in life. Promises of a better tomorrow do not ignite hope in them. All of this is the fruit of a broken spirit. 

If that is you today, I want you to know that Jesus is a healer of broken spirits. In Christ, your hope can be restored. Your life can be redeemed and rescued from the pit. Your darkness can give way to light. This comes as you cast your burdens and cares upon the Lord and plead with Him to restore you again. Ask Him to be your help, to lift your sorrow, to bear your burdens. Take hold of the peace He offers weary souls today. 

If this is someone you know and love, intercede for them. The Lord is near to the brokenhearted. There is no senseless suffering in Jesus’ kingdom. He has purposes for our trials. But ask the Lord to show mercy to this person you love. Petition Him to restore their joy and hope.

Reflection & Journal:
- What are some things that can cause a broken spirit?
- Why is it so hard to recover from a broken spirit? 
- How should we minister to people that we know are under a broken spirit?

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