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A Lamp and a Light

Psalm 119:105 (ESV) — Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

Land navigation is an important part of Basic Training in the Army. This skill was essential in my job as a Paratrooper Cavalry Scout. We had to learn how to use our compass and a map to reach our targeted objectives. The compass served as the guide for whether we were plotting the right course. Trying to navigate without a compass is not only difficult, but dangerous. You can get lost easily and find yourself in enemy hands. 

Our passage today sounds a similar bell. The psalmist writes that God’s word is a lamp to our feet, and a light to our path. The idea is that God’s voice, heard through His Word, directs our steps along the way. We need the revelation of God in order to avoid getting lost in a world of ideas, morals, and pursuits.

The Scriptures are given to us by God as a revelation. From Scripture we learn about the nature and character of God. We are not free to construct God according to our own ideas or whims. The Bible tells us who we are as humans, what our purpose is, that we are accountable to God, and what is wrong with us. God’s Word reveals His commands and promises to us, informing us not only how to live, but what we have as children of God.

But most importantly, it is through God’s Word that we have the gospel message come to us. There we learn that the answer to our sin problem is found in Jesus Christ. His death on the cross and His resurrection from the grave is the grounds for our justification. If by faith we believe, our sins are forgiven and we are reconciled with God our Maker.

Read His Word. Trust His Word.
Love His Word.
It is our true and certain guide.

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Reflection & Journal:
- Why does the psalmist use the imagery of a lamp and a light to describe God’s Word?
- What does the analogy of a path reference in the passage?
- What is your plan for regular Bible reading in your life?

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