Twitter Thread Article: The Bible Doesn’t Blush to Say Churches Were Growing in Their Numbers

Acts 16:5 (ESV) “So the churches were being strengthened in the faith, and were increasing in number daily.” 

The Bible doesn’t blush to say churches were growing in their numbers.

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5 Things Behind the Growth:

1. The Lord brought growth. Ultimately, the Lord gives the increase. He delights in growing His church. But the book of Acts makes it clear: the Lord brought the growth *through* the disciples' labors, not in spite of it. He blessed their work and labors. What did they do?

2. The apostles preached the Gospel. Acts is filled with evidences that the early leaders made a habit of proclaiming the Gospel clearly. They focused on how Christ is the fulfillment of Old Testament promises. The same focus on truth bears fruit today.

3. They aggressively went to the lost. The book of Acts is marked by movement. They went from place to place, from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth, proclaiming Christ. They lived with a default “go” setting. The church needs to recover this today.

4. They stripped away unnecessary barriers for joining the church. Acts 15 shows a pivotal discussion about what was required of Gentiles. If they would have forced circumcision and other customs, the Gospel wouldn’t have spread as it did. Avoid unnecessary barriers.

5. They organized properly. Acts 6 shows the apostles appointing others for the work of food distribution. Why? Because the needs were growing so large it consumed their time and hindered preaching. So they put a system in place and appointed new leaders. Important today too.

RECAP: 5 Things Behind Early Church Growth

1. The Lord brought growth.
2. The apostles preached the Gospel.
3. They aggressively went to the lost.
4. They stripped away unnecessary barriers for joining the church.
5. They organized properly.

Last Word: Many in my tribe are allergic
to talking about church growth.

If your church isn’t growing, that’s fine as long as you’re doing the right things. But many aren’t, and they excuse it with appeals to faithfulness. Good shepherds feed AND lead the sheep with wisdom.

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