Twitter Thread Article: Pastors and Ministry Leaders Must Shepherd Parents and Students Amidst the Sexual Revolution

The sexual revolution has conquered the culture and nearly every institution in society. This is the context the families in your church are in each day. The church is the last bastion of resistance. Pastors must shepherd with an upright heart and skillful hand (Ps 78:72).

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1. We must establish a commitment to the authority of Scripture.
• Everything rises and falls on people’s view of the Bible.
• We must do more than affirm Scripture’s authority with our mouths. It must be submitted to practically. (This is Andy Stanley’s error.)

2. We must establish the positive biblical ethic on gender and sexuality.
• We shouldn’t only point out progressive errors, but proclaim God’s hood and beautiful design on gender and sexuality.

3. We must demonstrate the Scripture’s teaching against the cultural creeds of our day.
• “my truth” / All truth is God’s truth; He is the truth
• “do what makes you happy” / you don’t belong to yourself; you’re a creature made by God and accountable to God
• “follow your heart” / the heart is deceitful; it’s not a compass
• “you can’t help who you love” / were not free to act on every impulse; our bodies belong to God
• “what I feel like on the inside is more accurate than my body” / your body has a telos

4. We must teach the attributes and character of God so our people learn to trust Him.
• knowing God’s character helps us see His commands as not burdensome
• we see the wisdom of God’s commands and goodness of His authority

5. We must protect parents from being discipled by activist children.
I wrote an article on this growing phenomenon:

When Activist Children Disciple Their Parents

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