Confidence, Arrogance, and Pride in Their Sin

Charles Spurgeon looked at the culture in his own day and recognized a confident arrogance and pride in their sin, as if God’s judgment could be evaded. His words speak to our own culture—and to our job as believers—today. Below are some of his thoughts on culture.

“This evil generation has labored to take away from God the sword of his justice. They have endeavored to prove to themselves that God will clear the guilty and will by no means punish iniquity, transgression, and sin.”

“The age in which we live has sought to forget those terrors [of God’s wrath] altogether, and if we dare to tell men that God will punish them for their sins, it is charged that we want to bully them into religion.”

“We do not care what men mockingly impute to us. We feel it our duty, when people sin, to tell them they will be punished; and as long as the world will not give up its sin, we feel we must not cease our warnings.”

“But the cry of this age is that God is merciful, that God is love. Yes, who said he was not? But remember, it is equally true God is just, severely and inflexibly just.”

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