Adversity Doesn’t Make Who You Are, It Reveals Who You Are

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If you’re a quitter, complainer, or doubter, then that will surface in adversity.
If you are someone who endures, looks for hope, and walks by faith, it will show through in times of trouble.

The fruits that surface in adversity are the result of your roots. But here’s the good news:

If you’re in Christ, you can change.
As you direct the roots of your heart into the soil of God’s Word and the gospel, good fruit grows.
We can be transformed by the renewing of our minds (Romans 12:2).
The result is a life of faith, hope, and perseverance in the face of pain.

Let the recognition of bad fruit during adversity lead you to repentance.
Turn to Christ.
Feast on the transformative Word of God.
Ask the Holy Spirit to sanctify your character.
Adversity doesn’t make who you are, it reveals it.
But Christ CAN make who you are!

Erik is the Lead Pastor of The Journey Church in Lebanon. He also founded Knowing Jesus Ministries, a non-profit organization which exists to proclaim timeless truth for everyday life. He is married to Katrina, and has three children: Kaleb (who went to be with the Lord), Kaleigh Grace, and Kyra Piper.


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