A Quick Thread on Christian Nationalism

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A Quick Thread on Christian Nationalism
I mentioned errors and dangerous philosophies Christians can be taken captive by in a recent sermon. Among CRT, LGBTQ ideology, and abortion, I mentioned (and explained) Christian Nationalism.

A congregant approached me on a Sunday asking for some clarity. Here was my synopsis: We shouldn't conflate being an American with being a Christian. America is not God’s chosen nation or the Promised Land. Churches should avoid importing patriotism into worship gatherings.

However, Christians can be patriotic and love their country. Christians ought to bring their convictions, worldview, and biblical beliefs into how to do justice and contribute to the common good. It's good for Christians to seek the good of the city and the nation.

In the same way people claim doing racial justice has been labeled as CRT, this is what happens with the term Christian Nationalism. It seems anytime a Christian reasons from their biblical convictions in the public square the charge is of Christian Nationalism.

There is an unhealthy, unbiblical way of being Christian and being American. But it is not idolatrous to desire God’s honor in our country or bring God’s design for human flourishing to bear in it.


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