3 glimpses of Christ on Mount Moriah

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We see foreshadows of Jesus all over the Old Testament.
These glimpses are not coincidental, but purposeful breadcrumbs leading us to recognition of the Savior.

3 Glimpses of Christ on Mount Moriah (Gen 22)

1. Isaac is the son, the one and only son of Abraham. Isaac was the promised offspring of Abraham. It was through him that the promise of God to build a people would occur. Jesus is the one and only Son of God. And He is the promised offspring of Abraham (Matthew 1:1).

2. Isaac is marched up the hill as a sacrifice. Abraham takes Isaac up Mt Moriah as God instructed. Jesus was led up Golgotha, which scholars believe is Mt Moriah. God would stay Abraham’s hand from falling on Isaac, He would not stay His own. It fell on Christ for our sakes.

3. The ram caught in the thicket. After God stops Abraham, a ram gets caught in a thicket beside them. Abraham recognized it as from God and names the place “the LORD will provide.” Jesus is the ram in the thicket provided on the mountain to spare the sons of Abraham.

What a Savior we have in Jesus! God has borne witness through history and in the pages of Scriptures for us to see it. Marvel today at the infinite wisdom of God, and the glories of Christ our Lord.

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